The Muslim Platform for Sustainable Development (MPSD) conducted its first regional meeting on 16th August 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, bringing together NGOs and academic institutions from around the Asia region to discuss the future modes of operations and structure for this exciting initiative.IMG_0493

The consultation meeting participants conducted a SWOT/PESTLE analysis to explore the current challenges and threats Muslim organisations faced in the region and how these impacted the reach of their projects on the ground. Furthermore, the current strengths and opportunities were highlighted and further discussion took place to see how this platform can further develop and strengthen them moving forward.

The one day meeting brought together the experience of on the ground practitioners and academic thinkers within the humanitarian sector, bridging the gaps between them and creating a platform of further collaboration and networking on issues which affect the region and targeted beneficiaries.

Laying the foundations of further regional consultation meetings, the participants set out there version of the vision and mission, hoping to invigorate further ideas from other regions around the world, in the aim of creating a readily accessible online platform that would be able to afford local NGOs access to the shared experience and resources, thus impacting positively on the lives of the people they reach.


Group photo of the consultation participants